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Clash of civilization: Acts of the evils

Dr A M M Arif Billah:

Last decades world faced a new wave of tyranny, occupation, invasions, mass killings and wars. Interestingly most these took place with the slogans of ensuring freedom and peace. But what we have witnessed:

The war blue print was drawn on the basis of Huntington’s “Clash of Civilization”. The US achieved a lot by their satanic activities.
In line with Huntington their objective was to:

a) destroy the threats against Israel.
B) diminish Iranian influences in the Middle East
C) destroy powerful Mulim States.
D) kill Muslim leaders/ statesman.
F) destroy technology and economy of majore Muslim states, especially Iran, Iraq and Lybia.

Iraq was invaded by the US and destroyed a powerful Iraqi army and its economy. They also killed Saddam Hossain.

Lybia was invaded by the US and they destroyed the country as well as its economical infrastructure. They also killed Ghaddafi.

Iraq and Syria was again invaded by ISIS, a terrorist group created by the US and supported by its allies. ISIS finally repelled from both the country but it caused a huge economic and human loses.

Afghanistan was invaded by the US and destroyed the country and its economy for 20 years.

Most importantly the eĺlected Egyptian governornment was overthrown by a military man Sisi and he is still in power with the help and support by the US. Similarly is acting as a puppet of both the US and Israel.

In confluence with the above points one can understand that the Satanic powers undoubtedly achied their goal. And Muslim world will have to wait for centuries to find prosperous Libia, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Afghanistan.

The US killed the snakes and saved Israel and her interests.

The most alerming points are as follows:
Iraq invasion was with a slogan of “weapon of mass destruction” and to make the Iraqis free from tyrannical rule of Saddam Hossain.
But America destroyed the whole country with its economy and powerful military. The US did not care about the better lives of the Iraqis.

Accordingly, the US invaded Lybia with the slogan of freedom and democracy but what is going on there everybody know
The invader destroyed the whole country and left the Lybiaans in chaos.

The case of Afghanistan is also the same.

Iran was the prime target by US when Reza Shah, the puppet of the Great Satan, was overthrown by a glorious revolution under the leadership of Hazrat Imam Khomeini (R):

a) They killed about hundred highly qualified Islamic scholars by fixing bombs in Islamic Republican office in Tehran.

B) provoked Saddam Hossain to attack Iran and helped him with arms and all other means to continue the war for a decade.

C) sanctions one after another to destroy Iran’s economy and socio political infrastructures.

D) until now the US is trying to make harm for the government of Iran.

But Iran with the blessing of Allah was able to stand firm against evil conspiracies.

And it was Iran who supported Iraq and Syria to clear the lands of the poisonous snakes nurtured by the great Satan.

Iran since the Islamic revolution supporting the Palestinian cause and helping all the resistance forces in Gazza and West Bank.

So I urge the peace thirsty people of the world to try to understand the satanic character of the snake charmer and becareful for the future.
Try to maintain utmost unity among and fight against the evil forces.
May Allah bless us all.

Dr A M M Arif Billah
Associated professor
Department of Perian Language and Literature
University of Dhaka


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